FAQ: How can I purchase a doll?
There are three ways to purchase a doll...click here to find out how!

FAQ: What are the sculptures made out of?
All sculptures are made out of a special mix of Cernit & Prosculpt Polymer Clay. Due to it's soft nature, this mix is much more difficult to work with than most Polymer Clays, however it produces such a beautiful, realistic skintone that is well worth the extra work!
Hair is fine English Viscose, English Mohair, or Angora Mohair, and the features are hand painted with heat-set oil paints.

Clothing is made out of clay or fabric, or by using my own special technique.

FAQ: How long does it take to complete a sculpture?
It takes between 10 and 25 hours to complete one doll, depending on size and difficulty. I usually work on 2-3 dolls at a time over the course of several weeks because it is so refreshing to be able to work on a doll, set it aside, then come back to it with a new perspective!

I seem to be becoming more and more of a perfectionist as I go along - I really strive to improve on each new doll that I make and I hope it shows!

AQ: How do you harden the sculptures, do you use a Kiln?
A kiln would get too hot for polymer clay... each sculpture goes through many curing processes - they are cured in the oven at 250 degrees.

FAQ: I want to start sculpting! Do you have any recommendations on how to get started?
The best tool is practice! Keep at it and things will get easier and better!
I love the book "Family and Friends in Polymer Clay" by Maureen Carlson. This book provides lists of tools, tips, and tutorials and I highly recommend it.