Like all Bayberry Munchkins, this little sweetie is the perfect size for a Doll's Dolly, measuring a little over 1 inch tall!

"Precious Pumpkin" Bayberry Munchkin
measures a little over 1 inch tall
(the perfect size for a Doll's Dolly!)
As with all Bayberry Munchkins no molds are ever used ~ each doll is a one-of-a-kind!

This precious little Bayberry Munchkin has just come back from 'Trick Or Treating'. She is all dressed up in her cute little Pumpkin Outfit!

"Precious Pumpkin" Bayberry Munchkin is fully sculpted out of polymer clay - from her pumpkin hat to her little black cat to her tiny green slippers. She has handpainted blue glass eyes and dark brown hair (fine English viscose).

She holds her "stuffed" black cat (who is doing his best to look scary...its not working well!) and her Paper Candy Trick-or-Treat Bag is overflowing with treats including Hershey Bars, M&Ms, Peppermints, Suckers, Kit-Kats, Life Savers, and even tiny Candy Corn!

~ Such a cute little Pumpkin Pie! ~

All Bayberry Munchkins are unique, but kept to the same approximate size to fit in with future additions.
This little one is signed underneath and brings along her Pumpkin Candy Bucket, 2 Piles of Candy, and a Photo Certificate of Authenticity.

Status: SOLD
(First Chance Offer)

"Precious Pumpkin" Bayberry Munchkin Scene comes with her Paper Trick-or-Treat Bag, Lollipop, and pile of Candy (everything pictured below).
The real life-size Candy Corns - shown above for size comparison - are not included but this little Bayberry Munchkin would look precious displayed among your real candy treats!