Like all Bayberry Munchkins, this little sweetheart is the perfect size for a Doll's Dolly, measuring a mere 1.5 inches tall! (Her bonnet makes her a little taller than past Bayberry Munchkins)

"Holly Hobbie Bayberry Munchkin"
This precious little Bayberry Munchkin measures just over a mere
1.5 inches
tall (the perfect size for a Doll's Dolly!)
As with all Bayberry Munchkins no molds are ever used ~ each doll is a one-of-a-kind.

Sweet little Holly Hobbie has stopped along her way to pick some fresh white daisies!

Holly Hobbie Bayberry Munchkin is fully sculpted out of polymer clay. She wears the adorable traditional Holly Hobbie outfit ~ a colorful patchwork dress, tiny tan boots with brown laces, a white full-length underdress with blue flower accents, blue bloomers, and a matching bonnet that ties under her chin.

Her patchwork dress alone took nearly an entire day to create, and I am so pleased with the result! Over seventy individual pieces of clay of different colors (blues, white, green, and brown) were cut out, carefully placed side by side, and then each meticulously handpainted with heat-set oils.

This little girl has quite a bit of handpainted details ~ from her pretty blue glass eyes and rosy lips, to the tiny flower accents on her bonnet, bloomers, and white underdress ~ she is one of my most detailed Bayberry Munchkins so far.

Holly Hobbie has dark blonde English Viscose hair, and she holds three white daisies in her hand.
Such a sweet little girl, sure to make any mommy proud!

All Bayberry Munchkins are unique, but kept to the same approximate size to fit in with future additions.
This little one is signed underneath and brings along a Photo Certificate of Authenticity.


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Status: SOLD $265.00 (April 2008)

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Over seventy tiny multi-colored patches were individually placed, and then meticulously hand painted to create Holly's beautiful patchwork dress!
Holly Hobbie
would look precious in a Miniature Nursery or
Toy Shoppe!

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